Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A bit of re-scaping on the 240





Gonzalo said...

Absolutely beautiful tank. What do you use for a substrate and are you addings ferts? One day I hope have a tank like that, with Discus too. All in all, could you give me a rough estimate of what it cost you to set it up?

Michael C. Reilly said...

The substrate is a mix of Flourite and river stone. A plant substrate like flourite can't hurt, but most plants get their nutrients from the water, not the substrate. ADA Aqua-soil makes a difference but has its pros and cons. We fertilize using PMDD. You can Google it for details.

We haven't added up what the tank cost to build - it would be frightening I think. You can figure it'll be 3-times what you think it will cost. And going cheap isn't necessarily the way to go as you'll end up replacing it later. That said, sometimes it's a learning experience to rebuild parts once you have experience under your belt. Do as much as you can to make servicing the tank easy so you will do the maintenance. It makes all the difference.