Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bristlenose Pleco Eggs


Some surprisingly large Bristlenose Pleco eggs in our 12g Nano cube tank. The pleco "cave" is 3/4" PVC that was capped on one end, coated in silicone and rolled in gravel.


Unknown said...

What would you say is the minimum size tank for a bristlenose pleco? I've been a fan of pleco ever since getting into the hobby, but I'm a little wary of their adult size and temperament. Would you say a bristlenose is a good starter pleco? Sorry for the questions, but you seem to know your stuff, and there aren't that many aquarium blogs out there.

Michael C. Reilly said...

The tank in the picture is a 12g nano cube tank which only holds about 7g of actual water. The pipe house is 3/4" PVC. Bristlenose plecos don't grow very large. It's standard plecos that get huge. The other benefit is that bristlenose plecos are safe for Discus. An noted in our Discus posts, Discus produce an extra-thick slime coat when breeding that the Discus fry feed on. Plecos will attempt to feed on this as well and can injure the fish. Bristlenose plecos don't do this.