Saturday, September 27, 2008

Discus fry update - 6 weeks old

All fry are in the 60g tank now. The parents defending the fry in the 240g tank were stressing out the other fish in the tank so we moved the fry over as well. We switched from decapsulated brine shrimp eggs to cichlid growth meal today. They're on an automatic feeder and they eat energetically at every feeding.

Discus Fry - 6 weeks old

Discus Fry - 6 weeks old

Bristlenose Pleco Fry - 3 weeks old

On the 2" diameter suction cup from a feeding clip:
ancistris fry

On the glass
ancistris fry

Just last night we noticed some additional fry from some new eggs! I don't know if more eggs were laid or if they are like some fish eggs that hatch at different times to increase their odds of survival in the wild (due to flooding/drought/predators/etc.)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Discus fry update - 1 month old

We moved most of the fry into our 60g tank after the unfortunate passing of our angel fish. It is a big tank for them to grow in. A few remained behind and when we moved the parents back into the 240g tank some of them went along for the ride. They seemed ok so we removed the few remaining ones into that tank as well. The parents continue to be very protective of the fry, chasing off other fish who come near. You can see the fry in the pictures below.



Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bristlenose Pleco Eggs


Some surprisingly large Bristlenose Pleco eggs in our 12g Nano cube tank. The pleco "cave" is 3/4" PVC that was capped on one end, coated in silicone and rolled in gravel.

A bit of re-scaping on the 240