Thursday, August 28, 2008

Discus fry update - 2 weeks old

Proud parents
2 week old Discus Fry

The fry have taken on the Discus shape
2 week old Discus Fry


Peter said...

My wife and I would like to get our first discus. I have been fishless cycling our tank for two weeks now, and plan on getting some rummy nose or cardinals (and whatever else we can have in place first pre-quarantined). We are fortunate to have water that is less than 1 dkH, so we will have to add hardness, etc.

Will you be selling those babies? The parents are a VERY nice color.

I just found your blog today linked from aquatic plant (if I remember right).


Michael C. Reilly said...

Glad to hear you found our blog, it's a way to share with the community in addition to local club meetings.

Get rummy nose for your tank, they like the same conditions as discus and will lose their color if they are unhappy. They will react sooner than your discus will and can serve as a warning indicator.

I'm sure we will sell the discus fry, but they have a ways to go. Are you near DFW? I don't mind shipping plants, but fish - especially Discus - are much more difficult. Big breeders do it all the time, but I haven't shipped fish before and don't think I'd want to experiment on these.

Peter said...


Unfortunately, I'm close to the Canadian border in Washington state. I plan on raising up some discuss at home to a large size, then putting them in the lobby of my vet clinic which is an 80 gallon with a lot of plants and 4 flag fish right now.

I'll purchase a school of Rummy nose's tonight or tomorrow for the 29 at home and see how they do.

It's up to you if you want to ship out here or not. The problem is, I can see the parents, and I want to get some just like yours. I also like the idea of home tank raised rather than farm raised. I would like to get 6 or more.

The kids would also have fun following your blog if some of those babies are coming here. :)

I'm "Idiopathogen" on aquatic plant You could send me a private message there if you are interested.

Otherwise let me know what strain those are so I can try to find them. :)