Sunday, May 6, 2007

Where to put this giant thing?

While the new tank is the same length as the 150g, it is 24" deep rather than 18" and it is taller as well. My first thought was to back it up to the other tank, but that seemed to take up a lot of the living room.

It didn't look quite right next to the other aquarium either.

The wood cubes it's on are actually 24" cubes which were built for a new 24" cube 60g aquarium that is going to replace the 35g hex that the fish have outgrown. I mistakenly thought that standard counter-top height was 49" rather than the actual 39", so I built two cubes with the intent to stack them and put the aquarium on top, perhaps turning them 30 degrees in between each level to create a spiral appearance. But once I realized that would be much too tall, I thought perhaps they would support the 215g. They are 3/4" furniture grade plywood we
recovered from another project. The granite tile in the first picture was our first idea to finish the cubes, but it turned out to be the wrong color and texture.

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