Thursday, May 17, 2007

Original 150g Plant tank

This is our original 150g planted tank presently. It has actually been broken down and moved to another city since the first version, but the only real difference is this has a Flourite/gravel substrate and the original had a soil/gravel one. Soil was very effective, but messy and impossible to move.

The aquarium has a Eheim 2026 filter with Aqua Medic 1000 inline CO2 reactor powered by compressed CO2. Lighting is 4 x 96w compact fluorescents from AHSupply connected to two ballasts, both on a 7 hour on-cycle with one pair of lights starting one hour later than the other to imitate sunrise/sunset. Lighting, heat, and CO2 are controlled by a Neptune Systems Aquacontroller II with X-10 interface. (The controller adjusts the CO2 by measuring the pH. CO2 will lower the pH of the water, so we have the controller set to turn the CO2 on when the pH goes above 6.90 and off when it drops below 6.80.)

The fish are primarily Assorted Rainbows, Roseline Sharks, Rocky Mountain Minnows, Clown Loaches, Butterfly Goodieds, Flying Foxes, Standard Plecos, and Amano Shrimp.

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