Friday, January 25, 2008


In what is perhaps an excuse to have more tanks, but was justified as a way to recoup some of the costs by breeding and propagating plants, we setup some tanks for the purpose. In the past we have had great success breeding Butterfly Goodeids, and hope to repeat the success with other fish.

Cherry shrimp are relatively new to the hobby or at least newly popular. We got some from a fellow hobbyist and put them in one of our plant grow tanks. They were excellent at cleaning up algae on the plants, and before long, we noticed tiny shrimp swimming around. You can see here if you click to view the image larger, shrimp of various sizes. In a neighboring tank, we hope to breed Amano Shrimp, but that is more complicated as the hatch-lings need saltwater to survive, but then they return to freshwater.

This tank was meant to be a hospital tank, to be used for treating any fish that got sick without exposing our other fish to the chemicals or spending a fortune treating large volumes of water. To keep the tank cycled, we picked up a few White cloud minnows to live in the tank, and were surprised to find fry in it not long after adding them. Here you can see an adult and a similarly colored sliver that is a baby.

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