Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bog Setup - Redux

Epoxy is a pain in the $!@. I knew this, we've used it before, but somehow, we forgot just how annoying. To be fair, West makes a gread product, just not for this application.

If you haven't figured it out yet, coating the pink stuff didn't quite work out. It didn't melt, or spontaneously combust... it just, well, um, yeah, you get the idea. So, time for plan B. Bright and early this morning, Michael and I set out for a trip to the hardware store, and our friendly neighborhood stone yard.

The plan? Use the real thing. But, obviously, the lightweight little support structure we had put in before wasn't going to be enough to hold 200-300 lbs of stone, so first we had to build a new platform, when we ( in typical fashion ) over-engineered just a tad.

At the stone yard, we bought a couple of hundred pounds of what they described as 'Multi Slate Flag. Beautiful stuff. Did I mention we loaded it, and a 50 lb bag of beach pebbles, and another 150 lbs of Rainbow Schist into the back of Michael's Mini Cooper?!

Next, we took these beautiful big pieces of slate, and beat on them with a hammer and chisel to make them into smaller pieces which we tried to pile artfully on the bog shelf. Here are a couple of initial planning shots

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